Adelaide’s Problems give you their brand new single and their last release for 2015; titled ‘Pretending’. Producer Justin Walkden and vocalist Shane Lock wrote ‘Pretending’ in a rare studio collaboration as both spontaneously shared ideas and recorded demos. As the track came together, Problems used the opportunity to explore some new sounds and techniques in production, resulting in their most complex offering yet.


“The main elements of the song dropped out very quickly and we used that as a base to explore some new 

production ideas.  Lyrically, it sticks to a theme that is fairly familiar to most, being the trials and tribulations of relationships that were just never meant to work.” – Shane Lock (vocals)


Cutting their own path through the electronic post-chillwave trend vacuum, Problems are a nuanced electronic sound full of ethereal melodies, deep bass and washed-out, down-beat percussive flourishes.