You might not have heard his name, but you’ve definitely heard the bouncy, technicolor beats of L.K. McKay across airwaves and festival stages in the past 12 months. The Adelaide producer has been one of the driving forces behind hip hop starlet Tkay Maidza, producing her monster radio hits ‘U-Huh’ and ‘M.O.B’, and serving as her tour DJ since 2013.


The producer formerly known as Elk has also been busy in the remix world, tweaking tunes for the likes of Wet and Twinsy.


Having toiled away behind the scenes, the time is right for L.K. McKay to step out and make 2015 his year. Having quietly signed to Dew Process (Mumford & Sons, Sarah Blasko, London Grammar), McKay has a string of single releases lined up for the latter half of the year. He will also be a regular on bill posters across the country as he prepares to make his mark on club land.


With a surprising amount of momentum already behind him and a proven track record, it won’t be long before the name of L.K. McKay is as famous as the heart-racing music he creates.